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To be less depressed …

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I am sure there is an episode of life where you become stressed and depressed. Most of us have it, however only few realize these moments. Few of us are able to have an insight, to anticipate the coming of unhappiness. These are the times when you need your loved one the most. These are the testifying moments of who are your friends and families.

There are several things that reflects depressions. One of it is, disliking the things you like or the medical term is anhedonia. You will feel irritable, because of unable to be the usual liking-ness of the things you like. For example, disliking to talk when you are the usual talkative and interesting person.

Other symptoms are, diminished appetite and loss of interest. Severe forms of depressions, includes ideas of guilt and unworthiness, bleak and pessimistic views of the future and disturbed sleep. Disturbed sleep is a danger sign. It creates a vicious cycle of persistent unhappiness and insomnia. It is very important to break this cycle.

Vicious cycle!

To measure the unhappiness, I usually make a scale out of ten, the mood I am in today. Whether I am 6 or 8! Usually 7 ! That OK feeling!

Some other form of unhappiness are bereavement, acute adjustment disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. These are special type of unhappiness that happens around on daily basis. Usually, bereavement or grief is a reaction to losing someone.  It is  acute and short lasting, however is some people these episodic grief becomes pathological if it is prolonged. Adjustment disorder is a disorder by itself when there is a sudden change to emotional and behavioral reaction,  to an identifiable stressor which is stronger that would be expected for the type of event occur.  Post traumatic stress disorder, is a type of anxiety when a life threatening event happen.

The spectrum of emotional reactions are usually predictable.  However, in an unpredictable emotional change , psychiatric disease usually manifest. Psychiatric illness usually appears after these stressors.

The thing with psychiatric illness is, it has a psycho- somatic association . The one I fear most are, insomnia and obesity. Both of these somatic presentation are important and is under diagnosed. People who cannot sleep and obese are extremely depressed!

But mind you, their outlook is usually different. The image they present are usually OK! But you have to look in depth to understand the problems that they are facing.

* Artikel ini tidak bertujuan menyentuh perasaan mana-mana pihak . Artikel ini juga tiada perasaan.


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March 25, 2011 at 9:00 pm

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  1. Great perspective on something that can be quite taboo to talk about.

    Mental Health issues can really be debilitating and it’s great to here other stories about the experiences they went through. Sometimes just hearing from someone else that shares, or can empathize, with your pain can mean the world.

    Good information that you have presented and I hope others find your site as useful as I have.



    March 25, 2011 at 11:06 pm

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