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Tick Sheet Harta Bathil

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I was reading this evening, and it came to me that, we as a muslim must justify the income and expenditure that we have. Income; whether it’s halal and syaria compliant, and expenditure’ whether its beneficial or useless.

I manage to outline a tick sheet from website regarding earnings and expenditure.

Please answer yes or no.

1. Have you ever sell a product or service that it  is claimed beneficial but never proven its efficacy?

2. Have you ever sell a product that is “menjampi dengan kaedah Islam” but never proven its traditions (Sunnah) ?

3. Have you ever attend or provide a course that is deceitful yet claiming its benefit?

4. Have you ever suppressed your subordinate that is beyond their working limits?

5. Have you ever taken a loan that you wish you dont want to pay back?

6. Have you ever taken any parts in the claiming of zakat despite not in the asnaf whom supposed to recieved zakat?

7. Have you ever taken public property as your own and claimed for the use of your own?

8. Have you ever taken any part of harta anak yatim?

9. Have you ever taken any gifts or free services after leasing any contracts?

10. Have you involved in anything in related to entertaiments  such a writing novel, movies and animations that involved lust, purely entertainement in nature?

11. Have you ever invest in anything that is mixed in nature, between its halal and haram?

12. Have you ever taken any advantage of peoples misfortune for your benefit?

Anything  to add! Kindly for your readings the berkah of our earnings!

Quran dan Sunnah dekat jer!


Written by M Khairul Z

April 10, 2011 at 11:15 pm

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