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What kind of insurance I am looking for?

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The insurance I am looking for must cover

1) during my vibrant years (25-40 years old)

2) my younger years ( 40-60 years old)

3) my senior years( 60 and above)

During my vibrant years, I’m a looking for something that covers me for accidents and travelling. Accidents especially like motorvehicle accidents (MVA) are the number one killer in this age group. Road traffic accidents are almost daily problems, and it can cause serious  repercussions to your spouse and family. Therefore I am needing a small insurance at least about RM 100K if anything happen to me, in relating to my vibrant years. Life insurance approximately about RM 100k would be beneficial to my spouse if anything happened.  Its not a lot but, it will help settle most of the monetary problems.

In my younger years,( that is 40 – 50 years old) I am looking especially for a medical insurance that cover three of the worst case senario in the medical field. It must cover for CABG- heart operation or PCI drug eluting stent , Haemodylisis, and stroke. It must cover the three of the following. Why CABG? It is eminent that the lifestyle I am living is a destructive one. Stressed and messed up. I dont have good nights sleep, overweight and stressed up. I have a super jonah medical oncall.  However I am not an alcoholic and a non smoker. I am a Muslim therefore I am a firm believer that Allah will test me with some of these problems. I am a Muslim, and as an ardent practicing Muslim, I  know that Allah will test me within my might.

I know in my heart that if I live like this I might get a heart attack, and stenting of the coronary arteries or CABG will be a later choice for me.I   found this good piece of journal research comparing CABG and PCI stenting in 600 patients. Read here from New England Journal of Medicine.

On matter such a hamedolysis, this is very important in the era of rising diabetes and hypertension. I would like some monetary support that cover for my haemodylsis problems. The cost that accounts for haemodylisis is an excrutiating one. Most centers of  haemodylisis is funded by a non- profit organization throungh charity and government support. Issues with haemodylisis are majors.
On stroke, I guess if someone having a stroke attack, relevantly it will disrupt the balance of the income for the family. Stroke is a major set back to everyone. Family and spouse. It requires intensive nursing care and rehabilitation.

I am looking for these 3 main medical coverage.

For cancers?  I wish I dont have cancer. Pray to Allah avoid me of having cancer. I wonder how people succesfully battling cancers.

In my senior years, I am looking for an insurance plus saving that I can put with some returns. May be the something like the Merdeka Senior Bond will help me having 5% p.a. I ‘ll probably be having some saving so much so, I dont need really and outstanding insurance with high premium. My senior years would be probably in travelling, medical coveragr and must have returns from the investment.

I am looking for something like these. Any takes?

I am still planning on Umar education funds.

At current rates, Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional VS Conventional Banking Education product is 3% vs 1.56% p.a  . Even Tabung Haji gives a higher dividen yearly for Umar say 5-6% . And there a pelepasan cukai up to RM 3000. But I hear rumors that the management of SSPN is not up to par.

So I am looking for inturment for Umar education?

invest kat gold la besok, makin tunggu makin naik. Minyak pun sama.

Just read this


Written by M Khairul Z

April 28, 2011 at 11:06 pm

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