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Fun things for free in Kuantan. It’s a beach life!

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During my housemanship, I rarely had weekends. Most of the time I’ll be working in the Hospital. But now as M.O, I ve been thinking about free things you can do on weekend in Kuantan. Things which are FREE in Kuantan.

Here is my list

1. Going to Teluk Cempedak

courtesy (paanasir)

2. Going to Taman Gelora for a weekend morning jog

3. Take a hike from Pantai Selamat to the Teluk Cempedak – it’s nice if you are able to jog from Pantai Selamat to Teluk Cempedak. There is a nice scenery at the Sultan Ahmad Golf resort on your right side, and the rumput next to the road is very soft

4. Go to Pantai Batu Hitam about 20 km from Beserah

Courtesy of ( cutimalaysia) Nice view of Pantai Batu Hitam

5. Going to Cherating – way nice place about 40 km from Kuantan

There is a small resort that I like to stay in – Pak Itam Inn . Per night ( RM 60-80/night) . You dont really need to go to Cherating with way, exclusive hotel. Just stay in a nice chalet and enjoy the night.

Real view of Cherating – Just like “Langkawi Island”.

6. Flying kites at beaches especially the Cherating area. The “angin laut” , sea breeze will mesmerize you. You dont have to build sand castle though.

7. Riding a bike from Kuantan town from Benteng area to these beaches. Nice!

8. Just walk a the Tanjung Lumpur bridge area. You’ll see nice boats floating around.

Tanjung Lumpur beach area (courtesy webng)

9. Sg Lembing area is nice. The majestic waterfall is just serene. I dont know whether there are new attractions there or not.

Courtesy ( my rainforest adventure)

10 . During my student days they were places in Sg. Lembing that my friends went to “memancing ikan”.  Even the got some udang there. In sure its some where near Sg. Lembing area.

11. Muzium Sg Lembing. This is where the history in Kuantan is. A “lombong area”.

12. There is also a hanging bridge in Sg. Lembing. ” Goyang-goyang”

” Jambatan gantung”

That’s all for now hey!

I now that most of you are already jealous with Kuantan.

I am reading this at the moment.


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April 30, 2011 at 1:24 am

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  1. 1. Climb panorama hill in sg lembing and view the awesome sunrise there.


    November 12, 2011 at 12:36 pm

  2. […] we missed Serdang? Oh yes. I even wrote a small review on that. Here Stay or Go!  and Free things in Kuantan! In Kuantan, my bad-ass on call were really bad! It happened on 8th of April 2011. Really OMG […]

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