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Adderall, Provigil and Ampakin in a neurocognitive brain enhancer.

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Its  common to see in the Malaysian news, this and that guy giving “ganja” and “syabu”. You see in wards that patients who are RVD positive taking in heroin and morphine. And, the same boring stories rotates again and again.

But, rarely we hear about brain and neuro enhancers. You might be thinking that I bable on, caffein, omegas this and that, methamphetamine and antioxidants. Well not, I am introducing to new group of drugs, the real deal, in psychopharmacology and a group of drugs calles neuro enhancers.

Adderall is a neuro stimulant compose of amphetamine salts and is prescribed to children and adults having Attention deficit hyperactive disorder. But through out studies, off label used includes as a cognitive enhancers, making people over comitted to higher functioning of the brain. It is estimated that abuot 4.1 percent of American student taking off lable drug enhancers to improve performance. Despite the side effects of amphetamines, students are taking it at a toll of better productivity and improvement of brain functions. It provides users to to focus and stay awake.

Provigil on the otherhand are drugs used to treat narcolepsy. Not much study had been done to suggest that provigil can improve aptitude and performance. However, anecdotally, provigil provide mental clarity, and boost productivity in a fatigubility over long hour strech. The drug will promote wakefullness in users. Provigil is discovered to be able to influence on the brain rewarding centre that is the dopaminergic rewarding center.

Ampakin is a drug to treat Alzheimer.

Demands of these drugs are usually from social pressures, a worker who never forgets, a child who is at the egde of excellents, and anxious and obsessed employees where success and work has no borders. True enough, abusing these drugs are relatively common. But still with high medical standards, issues of morality, and the need for productivity might make these drugs available for consumers.


Written by M Khairul Z

May 11, 2011 at 8:52 pm

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