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Prof Omar Hassan Kasule – ” in the end all we know is what?”

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Among the most influential writer in my time would be Prof Omar Hassan Kasule. He has written numeorus articles, extensive and wide range, from topics of aqidah, islamic medicine, social medicines, ethics, and detaled topics such as statistics, critical appraisals and scientific writing. He must be one of the most influential writer in the muslim scientific community. His writing is an epitome of critical thinking.  He writes with clarity.

I have attended to one of his lectures before. The thing I remember most was, he said, ” in the end all we know is what? “. I think this is the most important part of human learning. In the end all we know is what?. We still cannot answer the question why? or in that matter how?. This really imposed a real conflicting nature of the inquisitive human mind. 

Hypothetically he may be writing to know what. 

Among the most important writing he had written is probably the crisis of knowledge. ( Crisis of knowledge). He strongly suggest that the decline of the ummatic nature is due to the depressed in knowledge. Qualitative and quantitatively. The further decline in the ummatic nature is due to application of alien concepts in the ummatic problems. 

He strongly proposed that the Muslim ummah is an awesome powerful bloc that is not fully potentialize. 

His writing identifies the problem of the ummah in a broad perspective view. 

Follow this link if you want to read more on Prof Omar lecture. These are some of his collections of writings from 1996- 2008.

Among the recommended topic are as follows

1. Muslim in the Americas ( The social agenda)

2. Crisis of knowlegde

3. Mission of human on earth

( Allah did not created human in on earth without a specific purpose)

4. Tauhid : Implication on daily life 

5. The characterictic of future of islamic leaders






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May 12, 2011 at 8:29 pm

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