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Balik KL, atau stay put in Kuantan?

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It is a tough decision when your future is still uncertain. I have enjoy my life as a working M.O in medical department. The life is hectic but there is a nice side to it. It is a tough choice whether to stay put in Kuantan or going to settle in KL.

With the current Lynas – rare earth plant is going to open in Kuantan area, accordingly MMA in Pahang is organizing an important event which is the Rare-earth, I think the land value in Kuantan will decline slowly. The operation will take place only 25km from Kuantan. What the hell? 25 km.

A radiation based plant should be operating deep inside the heart of the sea. Some middle of somewhere, for example some deserted island for processing nuclear waste. 

Accordingly, Dr Tee Hoi Poh had written extensively in the upcoming MA Bulletin in regard to Lynas rare earth plant

Asian Rare Earth plant owned by Mitsubishi Chemical in Bukit Merah was blamed for birth defects and eight leukemia cases within five years in a community of 11,000.

It is reported that once Lynas start operation, it will generate some RM8 billion revenue by 2013. This represents 1% of Malaysian GDP.  Gulp! 1% on Malaysian GDP. All the blings, blings will never help if you get leukimia. 

” Ironically, some of the best beaches at Kuantan are situated very near Gebeng, such as Batu Hitam, Balok, Chenor, Pantai Sepat, Beserah, and Cherating. The famous Club Med at Cherating is 18 km away from Gebeng. With Lynas around, these places may find it hard to draw tourists ” as explained by Dr Tee HP.

What the hell happen to EIA? Enviromental Impact Assesment.

Say no to Lynas!

You do not rare-earth when you have real earth!


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May 17, 2011 at 9:17 pm

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