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You see, I think Islam is not just a religion. It offers a simplistic and modernistic values in life. Islam offers a very high standard of living. Islam does not oppose science. Islam actually generate science. Islam puts forth the ideas of why? This can be seen in the Quranic terms.

1. afala ta’qilun

2. afala yatadabbarun

3. afala tatafakkarun

In a way, Quran is a revolution by itself. It does not promote taqlid. A muslim must have two of the following, reason and evidence. Reasons provide rational approach. Evidence provides justifications. But the strenght of evidence can be defferred from one person to another.

People with no reasons will give your irrational approach.

Why am I blabbering this?

Personally, there a several things that I really appreciate in Islam.

1. The limitations of male and female in relationship.

2. The economic system of the muslim ummah ( THE GREEN ECONOMY)

3. The authority of fatherhood in the family.

4. The preservation of health, wealth, status and knowledge.

Socially, I find that the female and male encounters within limitation is VERY important.

Islam does not impose strict laws in relations to different genders. There is no biased in between male and female. You can do business, but do not caused harm to the other party. Syed Jaffar thought me in medical school that, the relationship of male and female in Islam is PROTECTIVE to both party.

It does not mean that “I cannot hold you“. It means “I can hold you within acceptable reason

It protects the female from unnecessary contacts, and it protects the male from too much contacts. It protects the both parties from ZINA or adulteration. This can be evidently see, in the current social context.

The current social situation is, we are encouraging socially unacceptable Islamic standard. 

But this idea is opposed by the feministic view.

Nadiah agrees to this idea.

Economically, zakat and sadaqah provides an avenue to help both parties. Zakat is not subsidy or loan. Zakat is given to those are in need of helping hand. Zakat is only a mere contribution of a helpful muslim to the needful muslim. Again this a PROTECTIVE method of helping the ummah. Not everyone is eligible of paying zakat, and not everyone is eligible for zakat.

However, I really want to see an economic paper of zakat vs. subsidy/ zakat vs. income tax/ zakat vs. loan/ zakat vs. rebate

I define Zakat as a GREEN ECONOMY. It is distributing the wealth to those in need, not to those who have’s.

On family issues, the authority of fatherhood is a very important aspects. It PROTECTS the family life. The father wouldn’t want the family to be in jeopardy, and unnecessary risk. In compliance to it, the mother however have the exclusivity of the children. It PROTECTS the children. These are the two main forces in maintaining the family relation dynamics. It is upholding the power struggle of the fatherhood and motherhood. It does not provide dominancy to one another.

In terms, of health, it adhere to the simplictic lifestyle. NO extravagant. NO bonuses. Food is only for the simple purpose of getting the right energy balance for the next act.

It terms, of wealth. Islam PROTECTS wealth by disallowing gambling, investing in HARAM businesses and the most important thing is RIBA. Islam forbids RIBA or INTEREST.

Then how will BANKS be profitable without RIBA?

Before that, let me give a scenario. I have a friend who has a credit card, housing loan, car loan and to support a family. Within reasonable salary he can have all these.

Let say he has a credit card with RM 5000 at 18% p.a, RM 300,000 at 8% p.a, RM 80 000 at 4% p.a and a growing family. Can he support ? The answer is NO. He cannot support the family.  Prospectively he will not able to support the family. However, this is the current economic scenario.

The solution to this is either RASUAH! or ZAKAT!

The current LOAN concepts is WRONG! It does not protect! It opens to other avenues of problem.

How does Islam protect this? Islam disallow RIBA. It provides suppresion and oppresion to other parties.

Then how does Islam can help this. Islam has a banking concept called MUDHARABAH. It aims at profit sharing rather that oppresing. 

A bank will request some sort of money ( let say RM 5000 equivalent ) to give a contribution of RM 15000 before the loan can be execute. Payment will be made to two parties, the request money and the contribution. Instead of liability is increased with payment, the MUDHARABAH concept reduces the liability by providing ownership to the initial banks investment of RM 15000. Both partiens are involved in making profit and losses. Remember, the bank still wins more. This is a novel concept called full-reserve banking. Other concepts are as follows.


Therefore, even in Banking, Islam PROTECTS both parties. In the long run, both parties are on winning sides. Sama untung, sama rugi.

Next, in terms of status, Islam has a system of status. It puts the most TAQWA as a highest status in community. Not Dato’, not Datin’s, neither a doctor, neither the rich or poor.

And finally of course, Islam promotes knowlegde acquisition. Islam wants it muslim follower to have great knowlegde.


May be that why a fala taaqilun was put forth ?



Written by M Khairul Z

June 19, 2011 at 10:54 am

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