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Khairulorama failure to launch notes!

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You see, I have always been a failure.  A great failure. I have done so many projects in my own time but still I had not achieve the desirable outcome. Not excellence project but only good projects. 

Here I list my experience with web programming and desktop applications.

1. Graphics  I am an ardent user of Adobe Photoshop, even the simplest editing I would use Adobe Photoshop. Layers, effects, special effects- kacang jer nih. “Kalau setakat clon picture to No problem”

2.Interactivity  Macromedia Flash FX, I have yet to learn Action script for interactivity. I don’t feel the need to learn because the scripting for other languages like PHP, mySQL is already there. So what’s the use of Action script in web programming. But for graphic purposes, I use swift3D- senang jer. I also pernah mengajar kelas animation IIUM Kuliyyah of Medicine.

3. Blogging I have already test all the blogging softwares out there. I find WordPress the best. Google is going to their cloud programming. What does it mean? Cloud programming is actually an idea of using application on the internet rather than downloading to your pc. The antonym to this idea is HTML5 programming. Google doc.

4. Tweaking Tweaking Windows 95/97/XP. I have tweak a lot of things in Windows, but I discover that the best way is to upgrade your hardware. To make your pc fast, put a lot of RAM into it. To make things process fast, get a better processors. To get faster internet connection get a reliable internet service provider (ISP) . Easy hey! Nothing fancy.

5. Sound effects Soundforge– program to edit sounds effects.  Sony bought this company, to increase exposure to the sound engineers and promoting their products.

6. Programming Homesite 5.5 – I had been using the Homesite 1.2 in in 2002-2003. Macromedia, I think bought this company. Nice editor. But occationally I used Dreamweaver from Macromedia.

I had a lot of experience in visual basic VBscript and Jasmine Computer Associates- did a prototype for parent teachers connectivty and won the best school website with Zidni, Ihsan Khairir. Two of my most brilliant engineering friends

7. 3D Bryce 3D – Used this program for making the virtual map of Sekolah Alam Shah

8. In terms of Operating System ( OS), i am ok with  Linux, had installed Redhat, uBuntu and of course MacOS

9. Musics I had used Guitar Pro to improve my skill with guitar chord. I can play Tears in Heaven, Nothing else matters. Else failed!

10. Several IT projects done-Project Kinetix  !Bitara Saksama Sdn Bhd ! Agronaz Enterprise! Direktori Biasiswa Malaysia 2008,  which failed after the project by studymalaysia. Project kinetix was using a free server exploring the function of Adobe Photoshop did it when I was 14 years old. Bitara Saksama was a fairly easy project did not get the payment.

Agronaz enterprise requires credit card payment and shopping cart. Project abondoned because I was too busy with studying Medicine in Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia in Kuantan. Others I have play around is Paypal.

Agronaz Ent managed to get some client from overseas, 1 purchase from UK, 3 purchases from The Philippines and was feature in TV3. Got local and international exposures. Agronaz Ent was selling gamat online in 2008 – beat that!

And then the social network boom! Still could not make any profit from the social network web 2.0 boom.

11. Books written

12. Server admin delidata did not work , that time was 1998 – when i installed webwizard with ASP for my project for Matriculation IIUM PJ Medical Society for Dakwah and Tarbiah Commitee. did not work

13. This is my 425 th Post on WordPress.

14. Had lost 15 kg during 4th year MBBS to prepare for my Perkahwinan ( from 85 kg- 72 kg) and gained back 25 kg and now I am fat! haha ! See my tips of weight loss.

15. Generated visit about 40+K at this web blog

16. Had done small research on Tokoh-tokoh dan ulama serta para tabiin, budaya hidup mereka.

Books I really recommend and changed me a lot!

  • Nilai masa disisi ulama- very good book Syeikh Abu Guddah-superbly written 5 stars-

  • Tokoh-tokoh besar Islam Sepanjang Zaman-Syeikh Muhd Said Mursi
  • Royal Professor Ungku Aziz –  Important bibliografi I have read could find the ISBNPelanduk publications
  • And in the next posting I will list the books I have read.

17. Today son’s 8th  Birthday – yeah Happy Birthday Umar

18 . I have planted Kelapa Sawit in Langkap 2.3 acres of land and it was tiring. Demam after that!

19.  Never took the Sijil Rendah Persilatan from Seni Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi.

20. Business experience

  • selling corny dogs ‘hot dog stand’ in UPM- did not get any profit
  • selling fruit cuts infront of KTM serdang, kena halau that time by the mak cik, saying I was disrupting her business
  • selling T-shirts with Syahiran sidek and Kamal Ghanimi
  • selling DVD clearing my stocks
  • selling gamat based product online- abondoned, too busy
  • selling DVD Muhammad The last prophet 
  • failed to open an online book store did not work 
  • selling ebook – never even had any purchase
21. Professionally, I am a medical doctor in Internal Medicine department and still on and off studying for MRCP . A bit devious because now interested in investing in General Practice. Looks like I will fail.
22. Ongoing projects- QAP Stroke Team HTAA , Dengue Unusual bleeding presentation and self studying for MRCP , and planting chilies oh yeah!
23. Recycling the bottle water with chilies!
24. still driving my student Kancil 850 and already paid the hutang kereta- beat that the car is coming to 100 000km
25. Failed to buy Gold early this year! now is skyrocting at 1800 per grams.
26. Failed to hafal the Quran but is  on-going process. Need to buck up more.
27. Failed to make a sell, on,,, – these are the frequent site I visit just to sell things. is good international exposure but failed to cut the deal.
28. Failed to finished the article Larangan Berzina dan Kesannya di dalam Dunia Kontemporari
29. Failed to work hard!
30. F ailed to hafal al-quran

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September 4, 2011 at 12:59 pm

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