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Substandard housemen?

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Substandard housemen in The Sun Daily. What kind of remarks are these? Does the public know the hardship of being a housemen? It is unfair to label housemen substandard. Do you think you are so good? Then become a housemen and see whether you can manage the life or not?

Do you know that?

1. A housemen can work up to 40+ hours with one meal. 8am-5pm-8am-5pm. Beat that!

2. A housemen can do CPR up to 40 minutes alone.

3. A housemen can take 30 patients blood in various bottle at 4 am in the morning.

4. A housemen can sleep for 1 hour and work again on the next day.

5. A housemen can talk to the radiology specialist, pathology specialist and other specialist after a grueling post call.

6. A housemen can read the Sarawak Handbook Emergency while other people are taking a nice lunch at the office before going for assessment.

7. A housemen must kept ‘ a good attitude’ after working straight for 30 hrs plus, what the heck!

8. A housemen is putting a branula for babies at night. Again okay, babies!

9. A housemen is taking coffee more than 5 cups per day and gained or loss 10kg while in a posting.

10. Some housemen have suicidal thoughts.

11. Some housemen are so tired that they forget to take a bath or pray before the next day

If you think can, then please become a housemen. And you will see how tough is it, mentally and physically.

My OnG lecturer told me that, a housemen is like a soldier, only tougher mentally!

Don’t over generalized things. There are good housemen outside. There are good and young doctor outside. Again, what does it take to become a good housemen, hardwork, hardwork and more hard work. Doctors life is a hard one!

But what you really need is trust and motivation.

As a housemen you should work hard and smart, as an MO teach housemen to work smart, as a specialist teach HO and MO, and a consultant teach your Specialist, MO and HO. Change the working culture and communicate more instead of ordering more.


Written by M Khairul Z

November 8, 2011 at 3:20 pm

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