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Wall Street owns America!

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It started with lending monies. Uncle Sam has a lot of bills to pay. He has to pay for his medical bills, subsidies, welfare issues to be resolved and military budgets and, he owns to the people who vote for him. He had promised to take care the welfare of the people, but all these need money. With all these expenses, he is in need of more income.

To overcome the deficit of these needs he did not work for more money, he did not plants more food for his people, he did not tightened his belt to save for the future, in essence he was not being frugal. In spite of that, to make ends meet, he took a loan from his friends including Ah Long! And he borrowed money from Ah Long! For every money he borrows, now he has to pay interest on top of that, and to make matter worse, he still did not increased his effort to make more money, and to pay early his debts. He uses the borrowed to pay the previous loan. He had built credit history which I think a bad credits. As for now Uncle Sam’s debts has come to USD 14 trillion, and that is equivalent to the income of the country.

Uncle Sam is in a lot of debts. To the voters and to the banks. These debts are based only on trust. Not on any commodities. Now he is trouble of paying his debts. He even has problem paying his interest! Instead corporations made more money, and retain more money than Uncle Sam. But who is watching over the helpless people. Not the corporations, still on the hands of the goverment!

Oh well, its a capitalist world!

Uncle Sam can increase the tax, but then increase tax means pressure to the people. He can also reduce spending, but this means people has less money to spend. You dont want to anger the people. They are already ticked.

But again, Uncle Sam ‘prints’ more money. Instead of solving the problem, he creates another problem. He indulges on inflation.

Uncle Sam also allowed manufacturing in overseas! Yes, he created lots of job, but not for the domestic markets.  The goods are then transfered and sent to him, again with credit.

Uncle Sam is in trouble!

There you go a lesson to learn. The US economic problem is a gigantic thing, a complex web of problems. Housing prices are based on leverage, sub prime loans are given, and defaulter to loan are a lot!.

Hutang created on top of riba is a dangerous thing!

Now who own the US. Well, big monetary firms controlled the main bulk of the money flows. Kesian, the people!

I though the money should be used for the people. Well, good money that is. Not borrowed monies. May be Uncle Sam should sell his accumulated gold to help eased the burden of the and payback the loans plus the interest. It’s not that much, USD 14 trillion dollar. Their expense per year is about 3.4 trillion and the income is 2.2 trillion. That hurts!

The gold reserve that Uncle Sam has is about, 8000 tonnes and that holds the US currency. Uncle Sam can pay their debts slowly and get choked in the sea of debts.

Do you know a small country such as Kazakhtan own 10% of gold shares and Malaysia has only 1.5 % of gold reserve.  But the things is gold only hold the credibility, or provide capital/ collateral, but what Malaysia have to focus is the cashflow! More ins that outs.

This is where less is more! Less internal demands make better used of the money that we have. Prioritize spending and frugality. Convert liabilities to become assets. Dont take more liabilities to protect other liabilities like what Uncle Sam did.

The future of economy in the nation is not, perhimpunan agung umno, not the sanctity of the malay, but the future is knowlegde creation and innovations. Let bygones be bygone. Keep the public debts to a low limit, just the necessary nothing abundance. Keep credits low, but cashflow high! This goes to everyone, every civil servant, every corporations and every governments. The offense is innovations, the defense is frugality. Small research with high impacts,and small money with more foods, clothing and housing!

P.S can you guys just do gathering for good things! What is it are you fighting for?


Written by M Khairul Z

November 30, 2011 at 12:00 am

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