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Frugality is the new black!

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What does frugality means? Frugality is a minimalistic lifestyle. Berjimat cermat!  Despite the economic growth in our region and the upcoming general elections ( read: bonuses), frugality is still a lifestyle I like to adhere. It is about using resources appropriately. I don’t like people who like to waste. I remember when playing, warcrafts or Age of empire, resources are always limited. But frugality can extend into a deeper meaning, like living green. Not making extra carbon foot prints. There was once this guy who was a carbon bigfoot who managed to downsize and despite that living in a zen-like green concepts!

In fact sometimes, I myself get confused with minimalist, zen, green, frugal, productivity and Islamic lifestyles!

However, I have to emphasize that, frugal is not cheapskate. It is just being respectful to resources and reduce abundance!

So here are some list on frugality

1. I read – this site tells you about, making ends meet in a frugal way.

2. I have been reading for quite sometimes, it has reduced my clutters and make me more peaceful.

3. I like faircompanies channel on Youtube, hey I even subscribed it. It teaches you on being sustainable. This is an important step to maintain living and lifestyle. Do not live in abundance!

4. I like, It discusses the american economic turmoil onto the practical daily american lives. How to downsize, how to build wealth and how to react to the economy!

5. I freqently read the clever dude, just to improve a bit on my personal finance!

How I got started was from a book from Rifan, a friend from college, about a book called Shammail trimidhi, this was about the traditions of the prophet and how he lived his life! I just want to get away with the pervasive consumerism culture!

P.s It not about money! It is a bout the journey!


Written by M Khairul Z

December 10, 2011 at 7:00 pm

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