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Instagram Co-Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on Startups

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Instagram Co-Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on Startups

1. The successful start ups were the ones, in at 9 am and left at 10 pm. Not the one who shows up at 10 and hang about till 6, and the whole reason to start a startup is because they dont want a boss.

2. You must be obsess with the idea.

3. The only thing that the end user care about is the product that you want deliver to them.

4. There’s no other motivation than the user saying I want to use your products

. 5. What are the things that will make your user more excited and keep on using your products?

6. Focus on the simple and important stuff first and scale later

7. When you go to the event is not necessarily the things that you see on the screen, but the people who you will see before the event, after the event about the stuff you are doing.

8. You must build network of good people to build good start ups.

9. Finding the solution to the problem is the hard part, however the hard part is the finding the problems to solve. 

10. Must find peoples’ problem so that can create solution. 

11. Must solve problem with simple solutions -simple problem should be a large problem to the masses or large scale.

12. Build the minimum product– so that you wont over do it.

13. Failing early, failing often is okay. Constant re iterating is important to create good products.

14. Optimize for people, not valuation

15. Try to maintain on a shoestring budget but create good products.

16. Starting a company is 50 % products and 50 % other stuffs, and a lot of other work. 

17. Entrepreneurship is not like having an idea during shower, but it is a job of  figuring out the problems, and finding the right solution. 

18. The drives, the problems, and the questions is – for you to answer, the themes – that is entreprenuership

19. Overnight success is a myth. Usually it will take 5 years or more.

20. Lets keep fighting, do not stop halfway.

21. Start now!

22. Hunger to build stuff is the hunger..


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May 3, 2012 at 9:49 pm

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