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Plug and Play – Saeed Amidi

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Who is this guy?

This guy is the guy who provided the space when google and paypal first started. He has few buildings in Silicon Valley, providing places for new company startups. He had hosted more than 200 different new startups in US and also all over the world. A lot of big shots has collabrated with him. Now he has open up spaces in Russia, China and Singapore.

Has he been to Malaysia? yes. ( Link) .

For nearly 3 decades, Plug and Play management has played a direct and significant role in starting successful ventures in Silicon Valley and around the world. (

Why is he intresting? He probably has a lot of ideas. He is probably the father of startups .Not because he has lots of startsup, but he has help a lot of startups.  

The first incubator that I went to help me understand how technocrat worlds works is the Altavista Skali. (http// was launched in June 1997). I was still in Form 2 that time. I went to visit this incubator company in UPM through the International Multimedia Collabration under Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia 1998 with participants from Australia, Indonesia and India. That was more that 15 years ago. That was the time, I noticed that there is a lot of new things to learn to establish a technocrat company. This was before the dot com bubble crashed.

We had visited Technology Park Malaysia ( I registered an account at , Incubators, Altavista Skali servers and involved with project from Malaysia Invention and Design Society (MINDS) at the tender age of 14 years old. I got so hooked with programming that time.

Technology Park Malaysia must be like the center for Malaysian Technoprenuers, enjoying everything from high tech stuffs!

Now Kuantan, Pahang also has its own IT city. ( MSC Pahang)

To me SKALI was like Wozniak and Gates of the Malaysian infancy of the internet era. Inspired me to become a programmer.  I learn a lot of stuffs, how to create a program, how to do animation, how to create a query and database. We won 1st place. But the 1st place was not the main thing, it was the technical skill that really matters to me. At the stage when eveyone is talking about MSC, I was part of the explosion.

Now SKALI runs their SKALI Cloud. (Link)

Saas- things like Gmail, PaaS- things like Google App Engine, and IaaS- infrastucture things like Amazon.  What they actually nowdays, is probably letting people access to their servers?

Before entering pre-University, I worked in IRIS Technologies ( Link) , the company that produces your MyKAD. The engineer was a  hard-headed one . I was only a low level staff, verifying the MyKAD before it goes into the mass. I like the incubator concepts for technocrats.

Then pre-University did another project but failed. Then in University, multiple IT projects that failed.

Now my reflections while working in Hospital Serdang, I had a great time. Computing and medicine in togetherness. I understood medicine, and I like the IT stuffs.

Now with Malaysia is an IT goverment there a lot of opportunities to explore especially in medicine. Medicine is so broad that I dont know where to start with IT problems in Medicine.

Finished my Housemanship in Serdang 4 years ago. I saw a lot of loop holes that can be corrected or improved.

Now I’m off to create more and more software and apps.

So what if I failed a thousand times.

ITEX 2012 in 17-19th May 2012

I will one day, be one of the inventors and I will see you there. I will say this to you, here’s my card and signup for the beta!

This is the important thing

33% of the visitors are the venture capitalist amd 22% are inventors. Pool of inventors, love to hear great ideas.

I just got to know that twitter is built over a weekend, and look at it now.

Now I am still failing! Heh heh ( evil laugh)


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