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Pengalaman Berniaga Gamat Online

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I already sold Gamat in the UKs, Phillipines and US. But I have never documented my experience in selling Gamat online. This is just to share my personal experience of doing business online when the internet was still at its’ infancy in Malaysia. I was still studying in University, and I had divided my time that on Saturday and Sunday was my working days. I will settle down quietly near a cybercafe in called in front of my campus, to settle orders from clientele.

These are just snapshots of the email conversations.

( Not to brag, just to show what I used to do during my past times when I in Uni)

This was the inquiry I got when we went online.

This was the order from UK. We did not able to proceed with the next order by the client due to policy changes from that time.

>Good Morning Muhammad,
> Thank you for the price list I appreciate it. The
> margins between my cost
> and retail are very small. After shipping and
> marketing there would be very
> little room for profit. I would need a consistent
> 45% to 50% margin in order
> to make this possible. 
> If you can provide us with this margin we would
> order 100 units each of your
> products for our initial order. If it does well then
> we will have a mutually
> rewarding relationship as we will continue to buy
> large volumes of your
> product.
> I look forward to hearing back from you.
> Best regards,
> *****,VP Product Management
> eDentity Media

This was the response I’ve received from the VP of the company. They were planning to bring in the product in bulk to the UKs. But I was so busy with Orthopaedics postings that I just couldn’t planned my business at that time. Missed the oppurtunity of a lifetime. Aiyo!  Missed the boat!

This was from a recurrent customer from the Phillipines

These were just experiences with handling customers

I learnt that we have to be very efficient in managing online companies.

  • Prompt reply
  •  prompt orders,
  • prompt deliveries.

Efficiency and Reliability.


When in pre-University we did MERCYTECH. A social networking for each Lujnah in IIUM Matriculations


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May 7, 2012 at 11:26 am

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