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The qualities of an ideal citizen

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The qualities of ideal citizen have never really varied since the dawn of humanities. What has varied is the emphasis on some at the expense of others, due to factors of time, place and period. Citizen nowadays have equal rights, equal responsibilities and equality of voice. In Malaysia, the matter of citizenship is a very delicate one. One has to approach to the problems in a good hearted manner. Primitive society such as the Native Americans, used to place in high regards to physical courage, Indian orthodox society puts caste into lights, and the British people have high regards for class. Malaysian on the other hands, do not appreciate divisions of societies, but inherently Malaysian prefers the middle class to be kings of the goverment. Despite all being said and done, the Islamic teachings have taught that, there are no borders to the fraternity of human kind. This idea of citizenship is an important tool to preserve the civil structure of the society.

One have to understand that, the structure of civilization is not composed of one homogeneity. Arbitrary factions exist despite all. However, the arbitrary line is just an imaginary line. It does not reflect the society as a whole. The arbitrary line can only be vanquished by connecting the two society into one. This is the key role of the ideal citizens.

In my opinion, the qualities of an ideal citizen is not only intrinsically related to the civilized society as it is. Ideal citizen must create social balance.

Ideal citizen will reduce the number of hard core poor, homelessness, domestic violence, child abuse and respect and empathy towards the elderly.

These are the valuses that must be integrated into an educational and social system. A systems of education that emphasize good values instead of materialism. So what if you have a BMW 5 series? I am the guy who helped that homeless lady- That should be the reaction. Not some bureaucratic reactions.


Written by M Khairul Z

May 7, 2012 at 7:57 am

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