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How to be an entrepreneur

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Haha. I think I am on of those technician

What I am crazy about right now?

1. The simple life- shows and episodes from I read a lot of,, and

2. A lot of stuff from internet on startups. A wannabe entrepreneur. But failed almost everytime. Hehe. Startups by Instagram, and stuffs from SME, MDEC, and MSC Malaysia. Do you know that there is a Jalur lebar- or fiber internet in Kuantan? Next to ECM. But there is not one Tech startups in Kuantan.

3.  Figuring out Android by doing simple scripts on ( Java)  Indigo.  Downloading the Android SDK. and, and Eclipse with ADT Plugin. 

4. Finally studying for MRCP WT*?

5. Figuring Housemanship punya jadual now. Crazy stuff over here.


Below is another video on how to write a business plan.



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May 16, 2012 at 9:05 pm

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