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Did we just bought a house?

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Nadiah and I were house haunting since the last one month. Given that, both of our applications to transfer back to Selangor  were already at the JKNP level , it is almost certain that we will be transferred to our hometown. So we took the effort to look for a new house to move in. We are expecting to work in Hospital Serdang. Hopefully, that happens.

So we found these houses. Both we secondary properties. We could not afford to buy a new house yet. In view of the loan is one humongous ( read: extremely huge) payment, so we opted for a secondary home. Both houses were in Tmn. Seri Serdang. A place where Nadiah, and I had grown up together. Nadiah’s father is working in UPM, and Abah is working in MARDI.

The first house was a bank lelong house. RM 170K.

This was a lelong house. The date of the auction was 21/6/2012 (past the date)

After a hard thinking ( or hardly-thinking) for sometimes, we decided that the house is not right for us. We had to pay cash up RM 17K ( 10% ) then that is not included in the lawyer payment and looking for bank loan. Some more, the cost of repairing the house would be probably RM 20K+. It had been stayed by foreign workers, the water bill is still not being paid yet, the taxes were not paid yet, and we did not even had the chance to look into the house. We were not able to look inside of the house. I wonder why?  I know it is somekind of a procedure by bank, but oh come on, at least give us a view.

The second house was, also a nice home. RM 230K. Very near to Masjid UPM. 2 minutes to Masjid UPM and 2 minutes to Taman Seri Serdang ( near to that nasi lemak stall). We had tried to bargain the house at RM 200k but that won’t happen.

We did not see the inside of the house yet, because we were very busy. I had to go to Kuantan, and Nadiah and Umar had to attend to Ayah. We are not expecting very high.

At the same time when I look at Nadiah’s birth cert, her first address was at this same road Jalan 18/6 Tmn. Sri Serdang. The house must be okay for us to start our little family. With some renovations, I can make the house look good and livable.

But I have not made my mind yet!

And when we got home in Kuantan, we were playing with Umar. A hard shell on Umar’s head.

Umar is already grown tall.

The house we are living in Kuantan is very nice. It is a secondary home also. It is an old house, but the owners had maintained the house very well. Approximately priced at RM 160K. ( When I told my friends that we were moving, immediately a good friend of mine ‘chop’ the house)

I guess we still need to do more searching. Looking for a house that is both affordable and comfortable. But for now we are settled in Kuantan.



and *update, found this on my sis blog

This was the pics in 1960’s Rumah Atok lama. Not sure but will ask sis, who is that baby? or which house is this?


Written by M Khairul Z

June 23, 2012 at 10:32 am

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  1. baik-baik dgn bank lelong.
    ada dgr cerita benda ni scam je.


    June 25, 2012 at 2:09 pm

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