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The Art of Non-comformity in Malaysia for the first time!

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I guess, I am the first blogger in Malaysia reading The Art of Non Comformity by Chris Guillebeau. I received my order of the book, from as usual. The package arrived earlier than expected.

You cannot really find this kind of book in Malaysia. Why? Because this book is all about challenging the system. Well, this is not an anarchist book. This book is more of self-help and making sense your carrier and what you want to pursue in life. The two dichotomies.

This is a book of understanding what you want and how to provide what others want at the same time. This is the point of the “World domination” as how Chris puts it.

Usually you would say “ kerja mesti ikhlas, mesti put your heart into your kerja” But usually that doesn’t happen.

I found this is in Chapter 5.

Characteristic of bad business

1. Trades time for money
2. Dependent on economic climate
3. Fixed location
4. Fixed hours, like shop or service where customers drops in
5. Low profit margin and irregular cash flows.
6. Some else ( franchise) and it is not yours.

I find these quite true ( don’t take my advice on business) , because I managed ill people, very sick people. I am no guru of making money.

I wish I have my own business but then am still afraid to jump into the boat.

Another simple, mediocre,and  loving doctor.

art of non comformity

Well, if you want to know what is the good characteristic of business, sent in your thoughts.

Well, Chris website ” The Art of Non Comformity ” is absolutely fantastic. Chris traveled like all the time.


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January 28, 2013 at 9:57 pm

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