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Lenovo Twist

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I just bought a new laptop, Lenovo Twist i3 1.8GHz Intel processor. It is a Thinkpad ( I don’t know why I got the impression Thinkpad is good brand – probably it has that flare of toughness and Compaq)  I have always have that trust in Think pad products. I have already used like several brands, Thinkpads, Compaq Presario, Dell Insipiron, Acer Aspire, Fujitsu, and Toshiba. And at home Angah, has all these Apple stuffs, from iphone to ipod, to Mac Air and Mac Book Pro. Well, I have always enjoyed tweaking stuff, so I decided to buy the Lenovo brand. ( Now in the process of learning Android SDK despite having the new Windows 8 app – SDK)


Check it out ( Lenovo Thinkpad Twist)

If I am not mistaken the laptops that were used in Hospital Serdang were Thinkpad. They have been severe abused. May be that’s why I prefer the Thinkpad brand. Resilent and tough breed. It has that IBM feeling.

I am not going to abuse my new laptop.

It runs on Windows 8. It has a touchscreen and weighs about 1.7kg. It is a Table PC or Ultrabook.

Gorilla screen – bright display.

It a nice feeling having a Thinkpad.

The review on the Internet were mixed and neutral reviews. So should I care? I have all the processing power which I required and that’s enough. PDF, presentations and reading for exams.

Good side – minimalist touch and design,  touchscreen, multi sensor screen, track pad, windows 8, and window 8 app and environment , flip screen ( it not yoga but it enough for me for pdf especially )

Bad side – battery, windows 8 environment, and learning windows 8, not retinal like the new mac book pro.

Here’s a bit on Windows history. Check out the bit where there is a new BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.





Found this Thinkpad 1995 the butterfly keyboard!


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February 12, 2013 at 4:48 pm

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