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Pre Call syndrome

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I always get nervous when doing oncall. I call this the Pre Call syndrome. You don’t know what to expect when you are oncall. Not everything can be good. I have this habit on watching movies, looking at old pictures, or looking at the holiday pictures just to wear off the anxiety. Occasionally, I have palpitations, or feeling like insecure, but I always remind myself that everything happen for a reason.

Oncall is very demanding because you have to make certain decisions, and that decision must the best interest on the patients and the hospital.

I read zenhabit today, and  it gave out very good tips and habitual changes, that I can learn from Leo .

1. Need to pray extra hard every morning. Need to concentrate as much in the prayers in the morning and do not wake up late. Try to get up at about 6.00 am and take my time to pray.

2.Learn to make the right just decision.

3.Try to list all the things that I need to do before and after oncall so that I wont be forgetting things when post call.

4. Don’t take things too personally. Try to maintain a positive attitude that everything will be fine. And, do not take rush judgments when oncall.

5. Assess patient calmly and systematically, so that you do not missed any important clues and findings. Always, complete history, proper physical, thorough investigations, and nearest clinical judgments, complete impression and thoughtful plan of managements.

6. Be grateful that you are helping people rather than asking for help

7. Reduce unwanted noise or distraction. Pray hard, and read Quran so that things wont go bad.

Hope this helps other people / docs doing oncall. At least reduce the pre call syndrome anxiety.


Teringat pada posting ini. Hasbunallah (Link)


Written by M Khairul Z

February 17, 2013 at 11:40 pm

Posted in Medical Life

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