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How to download from Youtube.

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Few years back, when the internet was at it’s infancy, video and multimedia were not an option in Malaysia. TV was still the predominant method of communications. As the years go by, internet started to become faster. Increasingly fast. I first noticed internet was getting faster when I was in Sekolah Alam Shah, I had the chance the maintain a server. The server speed was extremely fast, and I also noticed that it is dependent of place. Ipoh and Tmn. Tun Dr Ismail internet connection speed was better than Kangar. I’m anxious whenever I try to download big files. 1 megabit of file was very big. 800 kb was very big.

With the High Speed Broad Band initiative, internet connection becomes better. Internet is more reliable, dependable, faster and cheaper. When Jaring started their service, they were a rival brother with TMNet. I guess big corporation may have their own server, and other ISP who dont cover home service. Now days in Malaysia, Lembah Klang and selected area all Unifi.

Information transfer got better, and people are using video messaging and webcam frequently. The problem is that, sometime these information are all loaded up into the server and are stream into the internet. So, information becomes tangible and unrecorded. Video nowday are the mainstream media.

So how to download from Youtube!

1. Keepvid is the best service for now

The format of the files are Flash video ( FLV) , MP4 and 3GP. I usually use the highest 480 and above setting. Apart from that, video that are nice and interesting can also be download from


2. Youtube downloader- Youtube downloader . Renamed now YTD Video Downloader. Download CNET had done extensive review of the application here ( YTD Video Downloader)

As of now, I think these 2 methods are the most reliable and frequently I used to download video from the internet. Any more suggestion is highly appreciated. 🙂



Khairulorama @ Bandar Putra Permai



Written by M Khairul Z

March 29, 2013 at 7:08 am

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