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Internet sensation Darwish and Darwisha

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Bagi saya amatlah penting untuk mendidik anak sedari kecil kerana Nabi S.A.W
pernah bersabda,“Kegiatan anak semasa kecilnya akan menambah akalnya diwaktu dia membesar”
(Riwayat Tarmizi)

I went to this website to read on how to train my two precious one reading al-quran. Most of the time, I am busy doing my stuff, I must also take my time to train my two precious ones reading the Quran. At least hafal bit by bit. This is actually very important, because my children are the two most important assets in this temporary life.

I am very impressed with Darwisha with her reading of Ar-Rahman, I am have been practicing this for almost 4 years but she had grasp the surah by the age of 5 years old.

No wonder the Imams of the previous century had mastered the Al-quran!

Zaman telah berubah, kita tidak boleh melakukan perkara yang sama. Tetapi ada
satu yang tidak patut untuk berubah. Iaitu.. mengajar al Quran dari bayi
mengikut contoh ib      u-ibu zaman kegemilangan Islam dahulu.

I have always interested in the rise of Islam. Why not? This is very important to human kind as a whole species. We need to have the grasp of human conformity. Freedom with the right thoughts.





Written by M Khairul Z

March 31, 2013 at 8:34 am

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