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I have always enjoy writing. I write about everything. Anything that comes into my head. Mostly my personal experience, being a doctor, ups and downs of being a doctor, my interests, my ‘pengarang jantung dan buah hati’, Umar and Wafa, Nadiah my wife and a whole lot of other stuff. I am unfocused and I like random post.


Blogging had shown a different side of myself. Blogging had straighten a lot of questions which  I find difficult to answer. My thoughts are more concrete, and definite. My plan of executions and decisions are based on previous writing. I write almost daily, but maybe about 30 % are put into my blog. The rest I would keep it into my journal. It will take sometime for me to copy everything that I have written in the journal. I write randomly so that I get new ideas. I enjoy a cup of coffee. I enjoy watching old movies P.Ramlee movies while drinking a hot chocolate and my wife next to me talking about stuffs.Nothing serious, but some stuffs. I enjoy the peace of mind. I enjoyed minimalist. Writing has open a new window on my personality.

Despite being in the medical world, with lots of journal to read. Lots of ideas to write, lots of discussion to think of, my writing is more on the personal stuff. I would like to be of course, a professional writer but  medical writing is boring. Need more pics.

I guess the most instrumental life defining for me is to learn how to write and keep on writing.

This blog was a continuum of my previous blog, which was hacked by some random Turkish guys. This is a continuity of ‘ My Journal of Bad English’. I had programmed the blogging software in 2008. If anyone of you still remember it was the platform for MEDCY homepage in Medical Matriculation IIUM, Petaling Jaya.  But then I had to change to another public server which is powerful enough and to be lasting.

How does writing help me?

1. Writing gives me the value of life. It helps me decide on the decision that I am making, or the future decisions that I might make.

2. Writing clarifies my thinking. With oncall more that 36 hours sometimes your mind is just blurred. Writing helps me to define, or crystallize my decision.

3. Writing helps me remember the good and bad day of life. There are days that I am happy enough to write and there were days I am tired and depressed

4. Writing helps me understand what other are feeling. It puts me into a position of why I want people (audience) to read about the thing I have written.

5. Writing gives me pleasure with handling of words.

6. Writing helps me immortalize the days that I have gone through. Umar birthday, Wafa birthday, Nadiah’s stories and so on. It helped me in terms of coping with my days. I don’t drink, and I am not drunk. Writing is like an endorphine to me. Some might call it sublimation, but I call it ‘just to get away from the world’.

7. Writing helps me to persuade other people. It helps to improve my communication skills. Writing gives me the choice of the right words when talking.

8. Writing gives me the power and mastery of English language. Sometimes, I cannot understand what people are writing, not because I can not understand English, but I can not get the gist of the writing.

9. Writing for me is fun, because I can expand my border less thinking. I gives me an antidote for depression and it gives me the pleasure to control and bend reality. It gives me the idea that thought should not be contained but it should be shared.

10. Writing is a way for me to create new ideas. It forces me to innovate.

11. Writing helps me distracted to other means of entertainment. It increases my word power, it helps me in my reading and comprehension and it gives me a sense of accomplishment with new things created from just a keyboard or a type pad.

12. Writing gives me the inspiration to write more.



Selamat Mengundi Malaysia. Happy Voting Malaysia!


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