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The Story of Penny Stock and 50 cents – and of course MAS @ 0.405

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[Khairul Market Watch]

MAS shares are at penny stock now. At only 0.405 I am sure a lot of people will buy MAS. Near to 50 cent each share!


Before the GE13 the price was 0.70 then everyone was selling and selling fast. You see the volume trade. The Green Bar there. 

But today I noticed the announcement at 8pm TV3 news.

MAS is giving 72 percent discount for air travel, in the news. Of course, lay people like you and me will take note of  this.

A great deal of 72% percent discount. 

And of course, opportunity is there. Tomorrow and  the day after tomorrow the news will again put MAS into the limelight. News will take about turning MAS into a profitable business.

But if you read in the news,  how did 50 cents – the rapper made 10 million in just 1 weekend.

Read each tweet. ( Business insider Jan 2011) How to make 10 million in just one weekend of tweet.

read more at business insider, and yep he made 10 million in just one weekend.


Written by M Khairul Z

May 6, 2013 at 11:07 pm

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