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Why we need innovations?

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I love innovations. I live to become an innovator. Inventions and new designs are not boring. Not just the same ole, same ole. We need innovations. We need new ideas. Before this I had a great discussion with Abah on why we need innovations? I had also the similar discussion with Ayah when he was around? Abah had wrote almost 200 scientific publications.( see here.)  And Ayah publications is like tonnes of works ( see here)

If you go to Scopus or Sciverse and search for them they have published like more than 100 papers each. Both of them had been producing papers and a lot. Both of them are phd holders.

On the question why we need innovations?

1. Innovation is the single most important identity as a human being. We create tools, we make things easy and we design our lively hood. New innovations introduced us to a different style of living. We communicate differently, we influence others differently, we understand people differently, but innovations held us into that cradle what we call new technology.  We progress as a human society.

2. With innovations we can explore great ideas, great boundaries and beyond our imaginations.

3. With innovations we have the competitive edge. We cannot be the only dominant monopoly in the industries or other wise we are putting pressure to the our clients. We need new ideas and new product to provide the very best merits in the industry.

4. With innovations we can bring in new investment. We can increase our FDIs and increase our GDP by creating new products and services. Innovations create new possibilities.

5. Innovations is the growth and fuel of nations – economically, socially and even politically


May be I will do a coverage of the ITEX 2013 this year!

I found this interesting slide @ slide share.

Have a look for your self!

A very good idea, a happiness scale vs. product specifications.


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May 9, 2013 at 9:52 pm

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