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Business advice- Bantulah saya!

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[Khairul’s Weekend Business Studies – real life! ]

I found this post .. at a famous business meeting site. The summary is of this posting is this

Spend an extra month to figure out what your business model feels like and save yourself some headaches later.

Read on!

bantulah saya

I wonder why this business is not flourish?

Daily income is RM 700 -1000 Average RM 850/day
Daily expenses for workers in RM 300/day

That will give a +ve balance of RM 500/day
And a monthly rent of RM 1400

500 X 20 working days = RM 10,000/month that already a a lot.

I only earn a mere RM 5k.  Which is alhamdulillah! No comment! I study for 5 years work for 5 years already. And Alhamdulillah things are looking good for me. And, yes people might wonder why I am not doing masters, please email me privately then we can talk.

And I found this posting was replied by this.

bantulah saya 2

Sometimes I wonder why people failed?

and then another posting was!

bantulah saya 3

My tip is get a business consultant and re-learn what you have done wrong. Once in a while we need to UBAH, Apparently UBAH is a very ‘sensitive’ word now days. If you pay a business consultant, they can tell you what you have done wrong. A business consultant can tell that, this is not working, this is done wrongly, and this is not how it should be done!

I know this from my dear father, he advises me that I must first know the rule of the game, before playing the game. Dont jump into things irrationally, or you will end up getting burn.

This morning I woke up a a faint song in head was playing, ‘jika kau fikirkan kau boleh, kau boleh melakukan! jika kau fikirkan ragu-ragu usaha mu tidak menentu’.

Be strong! Must always be strong!

The Beatles may have sang, Let it be, let it be! But I am against that! Push forward, and push harder. Just like in CPR!

I had done CPR for one hour for one young patient, and alhamdulillah with the grace of Allah, he lives another day! Just like business, like what Seth Godin says,

 Money is a tool, not an end in itself for most bootstrappers. If you wanted to make big money with little risk, youʼd go to Wall Street or get a fancy job for a conglomerate. But without money, there is no business. Run out of money and your creditors will  shut you down, your employees will leave, and your spouse will worry.

I guess this is true for small businesses.


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May 11, 2013 at 8:15 am

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