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I went to ITEX 2013

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I went to ITEX ’13 today. This is my 3rd time visiting ITEX. The first invention showI attended was when I was 15 years old. I was a form 3 student, and then they were these people from Indonesia, Korea, and Australia involved in this web design thingy-ma-jing. It was under the Malaysian Invention and Design Society ( Link here) . But now I am thirst for new ideas!

This is a yearly events where people specifically academician, lecturer, professor for majority of the university in Malaysia will showcase their  latest researches and giving it up a notch into commercialization into new products.

Like in the previous posting,I had mentioned that, we need a lot of new innovations. A whole lot of inventions.
( Why we need innovations?)  A lot of new services and products. So let me show what I have gathered.


Kuala Lumpur Convention Center -The mighty gates of KLCC

I arrived at about 10 am. And already there were lots of people.


The mighty entrance of KLCC- the cleaner was happily cleaning the waterfront

The first thing I saw was this UV covered plants. The material which cover the plants were able to block UV light. This is useful in managing plants which are for exports and sending to overseas. It can improve the shelf life of plants.


And these wind and solar powered motorcycles or bicycle. The blue thing on the top is actually both the probably dynamo and solar cell for generating electricity for the bicycle.

solar bike

Next, a portable drilling tool-machine for planting. It uses motorized drill bit to create hole in the gorund for large scale plantation. I wonder if this thing could be put like, 4 tools together and used a tractor to create holes.


next thing..

And then I think this is the best new GREEN material. Ecological friendly and sustainable.

The material is made for pineapple leaves. You see in Johor, pineapple cultivation is a big thing. They do all these canning, exporting and are processed into canned food. But you have these leaves from pineapple. Not the pineapple, but these leaves that projected from the pineapple fruit.

So these bright students uses the leaves to make container for food, replacing the polystyrene food container.

pineapple pineapple2

And you can actually throw away these food containers anywhere. They are actually biodegradable. Only in Malaysia we have these. This technology can be export into places like Ghana, Philippine and Thailand were cultivation of pineapples  are mass produced. These can be a new technology to replace typical plastic bags. See at the back of the picture. You just a need a label ‘ Bodyshop’, or ‘Tanamera’ or commercial brands like ‘Mcdonalds’

And then this new interesting machine. A fiber making machine from pineapple leaves. They turned the pineapple leaves which a useless into strands of fibers. These fibers can be uses as packaging materials for tying up stuffs.


Then, you know how Malaysian loves satay.

There are students who design THE SATAY MACHINE.


You do not need to kipas-kipas or fanning these satay anymore. You got the satay mobile machine! No need fanning or turning the satay.

Then you have this the auscultation interpreting software.


What it does? You don’t need a doctor anymore. you only need the software and put the probe on the chest and then you can interpret is it bronchospams, fine creps or coarse crepitations. Interesting. They won GOLD medal!

Other than that you have the Porcine detection kit. It is priced at RM 10/per set. This is important in the Halal emerging food industry. DO you know Halal food Industry is at USD 2.3 trillion industry. It is gigantic.


Ayah did mentioned to me this product last year. But it was not released yet! It was still in the ongoing research! Ayah did mentioned regarding his idea before!.  Read here ( Jaminan Produk Halal- Berita Harianl)

Do you know that Nadiah father was one of the candidates for Merdeka Awards 2012. I still remember going through his CV. It was 100 pages long. He told that he was at 2nd ranking in the professor ranking in Malaysia.

He told me his technology was 1 hour detection and can detect 1/10X6 of the Pig DNA. The news paper cutting is here. He was the pioneered in halal verification service and delivery.

Ayah had won the ITEX 2005 Silver medalist award.


It was the technology for Halal verification and I still remember. It was Polymerase Chain Reaction Based Technology( PCR-RT). He was a man of vision and he looked forward through the future.


Halal technology and verification is a new field and a lot of things to be discussed . Even nowdays people are talking about a halal hospital and halal medicine!

He did not only did thing in Halal, but he had an eager interest in VCO.


He had more than 1000 scientific writings. In a peer journal review.

Other invention that grabbed my eyes were,  Diabetes with gene therapy! Can you believe it, treating diabetic at the gene level! Fuhyo!


Beat that, I thought the frontier of Diabetes is Liraglutide/ Exenatide. But Diabetic for Gene Therapy is new and UPM is pioneering.


These weird looking devices is actually Metered Dose Inhaler for Asthma. But it has a new feature. Wings. Instead of using your index finger to press the can, you can use you pincer grip or thumbs adductors to press/squeeze the can. Interesting hey!


I think all Malaysian how should have these. A tool for exiting if you house on fire. This is very important to secure the house. You need and exit for fire.

And this might interest Abah. A dragon fruit based solar power cell. The presenter at this away mentioned that the dragonfruit based N polarity produces higher voltage DC current than the chorolphyll based material.dragon

I guess that’s a bit on ITEX 13. A good 4 hour spend on a Saturday weekend with new ideas.

I saw different new techs on display, Malaysia nanotech, advance materials, advance research and  a lot more.

For new inventor and innovators., I noticed that the trend for designing new item must have certain criterion.

1. Ability to commercialise

2. Superior to other designs intern of detection, classifying and better.

3. A product or idea for other ideas to follow. A based idea. Not only in applied ideas, but the fundamental of science which can be explored into new field.

4. Technology related to consumerisme, Halal ideas, Diagnotics, New materials, Eco-friendly material,new formulations,  from local resources.

You can see the list of winner here ( ITEX 2013 Awards)

I know Abah was proud when his PhD thesis won the ITEX 2006 Awards – Bronze medalistabah_itex2006

To control the fruit and tree size you can control by restriction of the the roots. Do you know that?

ITEX 2005 – Ayah

ITEX 2006- Abah

ITEX 20xx – Dr Muhammad Khairul, maybe?

ITEX 202X- Umar Faruq, maybe?


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