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Creating your own blogshop

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Creating an online shop is very easy! 

The good thing in having an online shop is that, it is open 24 hours. You can sell anything you want, and you manage your own orders. Maintenance is very low. You do not need to physically clean your shop! You don’t have to hire a lot of people. And you can have it the way you want it!

Your own eccentric design.

I used to own an online shop. It was called Agronaz. We were selling Gamat online in 1998. 10 years ago!  I did a lot of HTML and JSP work. You know the web stuff!

But now you don’t have to know anything about HTML or Vbscript. I had to learn C++ to create online gateway payment services. The infrastructure of the shop itself took my time. A whole lot of time invested in programming!

My experience were as below.

*Thanks to Abah ( Zainudin Hj Meon) who provided me the OPPORTUNITY to learn all these.

The rules are as below

The most important chain of good business

0. Idea –> concepts –> products–> customer  

This the the zero-order rule!

1. You must have an unlimited connection to internet.

2. A good PC that can run a localhost, basically it means a powerful PC enough to run things.

3. The  products and services.

4. A point of sale, or gateway, payment channels or online accounts.

5. A package and delivery system.

6. A customer tracking system

7. A marketing campaign. Getting to the right customer

8. A financial plan.

9. The next plan

And all these must be done by yourself.

While learning all these I had the chance to learn

1. Animation

2.  Graphics stuffs

3. Learning to write effectively

4. Researching what is the best next thing

5. Meet a lot of good people.

6. Technical stuffs

and in the  course of  the process

1. I learn that the customer is the most important value of the chain. It separates the successful business and the less successful business is the ability to get customer.

2. I don’t think you need to get a degree or diploma to learn all these. Hey I was studying medicine while learning vbscripts!

3. No amount of teaching or coaching while help you in business. You must fail to understand the business.

4. Having a business is that, you must start immediately and learn immediately because there is a lot if work!

5. If you have a lot of capital, atau “modal” but you don’t get the customer your business will eventually failed!

– The most important thing is to get customer! You must spend 50 percent of your time to get the right customer!

6. To create a business you must not be distracted! Must never be distracted and aim high!


A great product or service without customer wont do you any good!





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June 1, 2013 at 6:56 am

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