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The problem with Indiana Jones, The Mummy and The Sands of Time

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I like to watch movies. I have enjoy the mysterious adventures of Indiana Jones. I enjoy watching The Mummy and I enjoyed watching Prince of Persia. I even completed the game The Prince of Persia. I have always enjoy stories from the sands. The sand dune are really mysterious.

I have personal experience seeing the sand dune in the city of Makkah and Madinah. I wonder how did the old -Arab dude made living in the sand dunes. I wonder how did they survived with camels and dates. The journey did not end there, I even did research on how did the muslim fast there. No water, no food and no shelter.

Thanks to Allah, I came from a country that is blessed of food. In Malaysia, or Malaya no one can die from not eating. The sands are like frontier of human exploration to me. Not to mentioned that with those lifeless sands the middle east nations are blessed with so much oil.

So I went on reading who is the real Indiana  Jones? There must be like a roll model to this Indiana Jones. It should  be a figurative one. It should be a real life character. I had done some reading on Egyptology, and marveled at the architectural and monument that the Egyptians had done. The are so much history from Egyptians. There are even degrees for Egyptology (BA of Egyptology) It is like an exotic or sahara studies. I even read on how to study Egyptology ( .


The Raiders of the Lost Ark is the best. I even have a collection of the Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack.  The Raider March 1981 (link)

This tune even rang in my head whenever I felt like down or depress. It is like an adventure theme. This fascination had brought me into reading more of National Geographic Magazines, you know the real-life explorations and excavations. From the Hollywood depictions of Indiana Jones then I went on watching the file “The Mummy”. I like the Guy Brendan Fraser. He was like this Geeky guy with unknown potential. And yes again the mysterious sand dune possesses the mysterious kingdom which was excavated and enter by the Geeky guy.

The line was “For he would arise a walking disease…a plague upon mankind….an unholy flesh eater with the strength of ages…..power over the sands…..and the glory of invincibility”

You know that kind of line. Not in any malay movies.You know from this movie.


Choose you next word carefully, Theonidus!”

Never in any Malay movie.

And one thing brought to another, and there I was playing the video game The Forgotten Sands.

And oh my god! The flips and stunts in the video is like revolutionary. It is like new world in the game. Bridging the time and spaces and going back and forth through time. It like playing with different and alternate universe but you have to know are you ‘at that time’ . Those who played this game must agree with me that the time is a controllable to kill monster!  You got this climbing, jumping, flipping, running on walls, swinging from one bar to another, balancing your self on the very narrow pole, and walking to the edge of a cliff or ruins and of course monsters and bosses. And in between you have this time warp and slow mo.

And there I was stunt at the civilizations, histories, games and movies. With the Revolution, Arab Springs and the current issues with President Morsi I find the culture in the middle east are way revolting and revolutionary.

I was wondering the lands of the middle east must be way sacred. You know like extremely Holy. The Holiest of Land.

And while I was reading the stories of middle east I found these picture and stories of Petra in Jordan.  I have seen this picture before in the National Geographic TV.

These are carved into rocks and mountains.

Out of curiosity I was looking in the Al-Quran of ancient cities. I have heard this story before. But I could not remember when it was told to me. I had remember this verse by heart when I was 11 years old.

It goes like this,

Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with ‘Aad –

[With] Iram – who had lofty pillars,

The likes of whom had never been created in the land?

And [with] Thamud, who carved out the rocks in the valley?

And [with] Pharaoh, owner of the stakes? –

[All of] whom oppressed within the lands

And increased therein the corruption.

So your Lord poured upon them a scourge of punishment.

Indeed, your Lord is in observation.

Surah Al – Fajr 89:6-14

And from then on I was looking who the real Indiana Jones! Apparently there is one. Mr Nicholas Clapp . (link)  The real Indiana Jones is REAL and you can read in the Wikipedia.

And I found this videos in Youtube, Miracles of the Quran, How did Nicholas Clapp found out about City of Iram, which had tall tower which was only described in the Quran.


Remains of the old city was brought to life, because the structure among the discoveries was the Pillars. The Pillar were characteristics of the city!

You see the only remnant of the people of Ad’ of Iram was the pillar. The pillars stood still  through the course of time. This information from the Quran and the Archaeological data can be associated. I do not know whether you will agree with me on this or not! But the fact of the mater are two things are correlated. Where are the places in the ancient world where you can find big pillars?

The next video I watch was the tablet of Ebla.  Watch this video if your are tired of reading!

” The Ebla tablets included information about angels and prophets mentioned in Torah, Gospel and the Quran. In the tablets, the angel Michael is referred to as Mi-ka-il; the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) as Ab-ra-mu and the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) as Is-ma-il. Ebla tablets were written 1500 years before the Torah was sent. The fact that the name of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) is mentioned in these tablets, confirmed the fact that the religion he preached existed before the Torah.
In the Ebla tablets, the locations mentioned in Holy books, are also referred to, such as Sodom and Gomorrah where the people of the Lot lived and the city of Iram mentioned in the Qur’an”

From the Wikipedia – Ebla 

About 80% of the tablets are written using the usual Sumerian combination of logogram sand phonetic signs – I was wondering how they translated the language!

Many ancient Hebraic names that have not been found in other Near Eastern languages have been reported to occur in similar forms in Eblaite (Adamu,H’à-wa, Jabal, Abarama, Bilhah, Ishma-el, Isûra-el, Esau, Mika-el, Mikaya, Saul, David, et al.

And some of the translation were

Three versions of a text described as an Eblaite creation hymn have been found. They have been translated by Pettinato as

Lord of heaven and earth:
the earth was not, you created it,
the light of day was not, you created it,
the morning light you had not [yet] made exist.

There you go,

You can question yourself? Are all these true. Well there is an associated evidence.  But who am I to we judge! However the gist of all these claims can be summarized in the following two  things.

1. How did Rasullullah saw ( the Messenger) knows about this? f He did not  have any tools to understand Archaeological excavation. But he had relay information in such detail.  And the message was consistent in the Quran.

2.  Allah specifically said ‘Do not oppressed the people and become corrupt!’

There you go. The story of sand dune, and princes and princesses, Quran and Archaelogical excavation – all in one! Any takes?

If you enjoy reading this please share!



The Great British Islam .. a nice video.


Written by M Khairul Z

July 28, 2013 at 9:18 am

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