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The Primitive Reflexes

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The Primitive Reflexes are reflexes for survival- I guess. In adult you can occasionally see the primitive reflexes in certain conditions. It is most probably from inhibition at the the frontal lobe. The reappearance of primitive reflexes in adult is likely due to neurological disorders.

But for interest sake, lets keep the reflexes in babies.


1. Moro’s reflex


2.  Babinski’s reflex


3. Palmar reflex


4.  Rooting reflex


5. Baby Doll eye movement

– not to confuse with Doll eyes sign which is a brainstem injury


6. * Glabellar tap

in adult the glabellar tap is important in idiopathic parkinsonism

continuous tap at  the glabellar region will cause the eyes to blink – which in a normal person it wouldn’t


7.  Pouting reflex


8. Parachute


9. Landau reflex



10. Assymetric tonic relfex



Here another awesome vids


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September 12, 2013 at 10:27 am

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