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The Big 30!

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Alas I am 30 years old! I started to blog so that I would remember things that happened in my life. So that maybe Umar and Wafa will read my writing and realized their father is a someone . At least a blogger. I did not have any intentions to complaint or to make a dent in the universe with my blog, but more of a way to sublimate my self into the world of writing and distressing my self.

The week had been very busy

3/9/2013 – Went to Kenduri

10/9/2013 – took the MRCP Part 1 paper in Universiti Malaya. I am confident that 80 percent I will pass.  A pic with my wife before going to the exam. My super trustworthy wife!  I am just a bummer, jeez..


11/9/2013- Moving all my stuff from Apartment B to Apartment A. Now the new adress is different. Apparently the rent is cheaper with this apartment, so that I can save some money . The plasma TV and the broadband already set up, so that I can do my work and reading.



12/9/2013- My birthday ! ahh. already 30 years old. Still working as a  MO in Medical Department.  Pics below with my precious 2 children


13/9/2013  – 14/9/2013 – went to a national conference on Venous Thromboembolism in Hosp Serdang.

15/9/2013 – Saturday just to chillax for a while

16/9/2013- Oncall !


?/9/2013 – Helping Angah moving stuff, only overseeing ..  Abah was tired lah..


20130825_152102(0) 20130825_154122

Went to visit Klinik As Salam in Bandar Seri Putra – Dr Munirah



and tomorrow oncall again!

Here a some more  pics!



Some reminders

1. I have not got a definite plan for the next 10 years to come.

The next 5 years will have to be to concentrate on exams and becoming specialist as some as possible , a go into specialties.

Meanwhile I just have to rent so that I can do some savings .

Will think more ..




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September 24, 2013 at 7:36 pm

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