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4 ways to capture the audience attention

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More difficult please?

The difficult part of presenting an idea is to get that attention!

I can not stand to be Powerpointed to death and then, there is the 1pm tick- “the lunch break”. Oh how I wish it is already lunch? It seems to me, it is very disappointing when you have prepared  a presentation and no one is interested to listen to it.

My job as a doctor does not only revolves around treating and prescribing patients medications. I also have to present, cases, journals and power point presentations. To define a successful presentation, the easiest way for me is, the outcome of the presentation must a positive one. 

So how to capture your audience attention?

1. Be specific as early as possible. 
– Though traditionally the slides contain introduction and all, but if you waste your time on presenting something that is not to the point, you are wasting your audience time and your time.  The audience wants something that is entertaining and educating.
Its like “Please get to the point ! – now !” 

2. Try to connect to the people sooner.
-Try to delve into their problems and their perspectives first so that, you can have the right ‘wavelength’ when communicating with them. Try to understand what is the problem first before explaining how can you help them.

3. Try to stick to 3-4 points,
– to put new things into our minds, we can only rely on 3-4 facts before going into matters which are more difficult. So if you are presenting a data on something try to focus on 3-4 main ideas rather splurging all the ideas to the audience. Put a reference so that your audience can refer if they are interested.

4. Lastly, try to find your audiences soft points. 
– greet them in an honest way, be thankful that they are giving their attention to you, and surprise them with little ‘doorgifts’ so that you can introduce your product!


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March 13, 2014 at 6:42 pm

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