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Pain is the predecessor of success.

Teknik belajar!

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First watch this; Metacognition – learning about learning

This had been very helpful because sometime you need a nudge with How to learn? You know that Extra Boost on how to learn?  ( Bagaimana teknik belajar?)

1. Honest 1:49 – you have to be honest when you are studying
2.  Start early- read ahead of your teacher and do not cramp  your reading – it does not work
3. Engage in the discussion in classes
4. Teach to somebody else – teach new things to somebody else – why  people do wikipedia, because it can help yourself and others
5. Study often 6:25 – study everyday and keep on remembering the facts – see the same information again-again
6. Evaluate yourself – must self evaluate- quiz, practices, essays and evaulating where you are- otherwise you wouldnt understand
7. VARK- Visual, oral or listening, reader or writer, kinaesthetics do something with understanding
8. Take a break 8:22 – best ideas and think about the knowledge
9. Have a fun while learning- funny songs and funny ideas
10. Goals – push through your barrier and understanding


Learning statistics again

Positive predictive value


Negative predictive value


Likelihood ratio 


Odd risk

Relative risk


Number needed to treat (NNT)


Relative risk reduction


Live life as if you were die tommorow, learn as you were to live forever – Gandhi


An interesting video on TEDx on Memory Master

9:19 very important point obvious things we tend to forget!

9:52 we let our brain have fun

16:55 – Make a fun stody so that you can make that connection

Dominic O’Brien 8X memory champion



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