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I have always love psychological or pop- psychology concepts. These last few days, I have been reading the Quran and comparing books,  and trying at the same time learning new concepts in psychology. I have been trying to converge the understanding of cognitive ability from an evidence based point of view. I am intrigued to understand how focus works. People will attribute focus to something as, concentration, intensification and special enhancement of understanding materials. Regardless to say, focus plays and imminent role to our daily activities.

A lot of research is being done in this relatively new area in neuropsychology.  With the advent of fMRI, new data are produced on daily basis  on the functions of the brain. Certain area in the brain will light up when there is a stimuli given. Like your Cardiac SPECT, fMRI has become a new way of understanding the areas of the brain when triggers are given. The EEG are also used to investigate changes in the brain wave pattern and spikes of area are seen on the EEG.

On studying these new concepts I have always read new materials and it seems that I have a passion towards it. I have collected materials from the internet, books and videos on Youtube to give you an understanding of how focus works.

Focus to me is simply, to attentively select and ignoring  at the same time. It is a cognitive process of, vigilantly selecting stimuli and at the same time suppressing disruptive interference.

Why do we need to focus? Focus is a important human tool to learn about new things. Focus invariably is needed in accepting, reforming, refreshing new ideas, and will give new inner meaning an idea. It will prevent understanding things on the surface. It is that moment when you can read in between the lines.

How do we focus? There are many ways to improve your focus-ing ability. I am not going to write them now as these methods are available if you research the Internet. On my note, I have collected almost 10 ways to improve focus, may published it here later.

Is focus under threat? Yes, focus is under threat. We on the regular basis are being bombarded with new interference, externally and internally, and these has resulted in our human connection becoming lesser, our human touch is less valuable, and finally our deep thinking are compromised. Just to write about it, at this moment of writing, I have already receive few messages with that familiar notification sound, and this had disrupted the flow of thought in my mind.

Where do we start? or the question is where do we re-start? I feel the answer to that is just pause for a moment and take one step back. See the greater picture and start selecting attentively to the thing that matters and ignore other insignificant details. Use your cognitive part of the brain to ignore things and bounce off useless material in your life, and start learning important details and concept to change the world. Try to have that moment of intuition. And of course, read!

Can focus change your life? Yes it can. If you have read about, delayed gratification than you are on the right track.

Is there any new concepts that can be coalesce with the Quranic principle? Yes! True enough the world of focus is primarily now is dependable on the ideas of meditation and Zen-Buddhism. But please be aware that the traditions of focus has been rooted in the Muslim community for such a long time that people forget that focus, or to give attention, or Khusyuk are the same word. There are even verses in the Quran, accurately saying, that you need to focus to become successful.

Why am i studying this?
I am studying this to improve my focus on things that matters to me, so that my children generation are not absorbed into a distracted world of misleading information.


Where do I get my material?

Goleman, D. (2014). Focus the hidden driver of excellence. S.l.: Harper.

Gladwell, M. (2008). Outliers: the story of success. New York: Little, Brown and Co..

Focus A simply manifesto in the Age of Distraction, Retrived May 2 ( by Leo Babauta,

Exploring the Crossroad of Attention and Memory. : View from the inside, Retrieved May 2, 2014,,  online lecture by Dr Adam Gazzeley

Zen and the Brain. (n.d.). YouTube. Retrieved May 2, 2014, from , online lecture by Dr James Austin

Of course, Al-Quran!


Written by M Khairul Z

May 2, 2014 at 9:28 am

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