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The Problem with ‘Bisnes Laman Web’

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I have done this ‘Bisnis Laman Web‘ for quite sometimes. I was still 15 years old when we got our first business deal, I dont know whether the company exist now or not. Bitara Saksama sdn. bhd. At that time I used Macromedia products, I had to download the free trial and mind you internet was still at infancy. It was a small time project but we got some money for that.

We got out own team. Now everyone is an engineer. And then Macromedia was acquired by Adobe.

I was ok with Javascript and Vbscripts.

But when I browse through advertisement in, I found this.

penjahanam industri




So the reply from one of the freelancers’ was this,




I know some company charges way overboard, for a simple website design from RM 1000 ++. I dont know whether they are really making money out of it, or just “mencekik darah”.

True enough, designer wants more money but the availability of free services, excess loads of designer causing the industry to be overloaded. Like decompensated.


So then another guy, had challenged with this,







– Yep, if you dont want to be challenged then “makan gaji jer ler!’ hehe.

and then with this ad, somebody must be really frustrated like mad, 


Ayo! RM 150 sahaja, maybe after this people will get free website site with a dot com. Out of business la like this.

Like what Google is doing right now. A business landing page + advertisement + google bundle of apps












So small time, freelancer lagi la sakit sudah! susah mau cari makan!

With so many competition around, small time free lancer are having some big time troubles.





Everyone is offering cheap stuff.  So I guess business akan sesak nafas punya.

And with the availabilty of free Scripts on the internet, no programming knowledge is needed at all. Everyone can be a programmer


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July 15, 2014 at 11:06 am

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