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Kuala Lumpur to Cherating

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I love Cherating. Cherating is where the skies are blue, the sands are silky and the life is so relax.
Total cost for travelling to Cherating is about RM 150+ ( USD 47)by bus or by car. Very budgeted.



Let me break down the cost first.

1. KL to Kuantan – Fuel (RM 60) + Toll ( RM 30); travelling time is roughly about 3hrs
2. Kuantan to Cherating RM 20 – 20 mins.
that is by bus or by car.

Buses fee from Kuantan to Cherating would be about – RM 5 or Taxi would be about RM 40


Lodging will be probably about RM 170 ++ per night.  I wont tell you where I stayed because this place is kept secret!


Once you get there, the view is breath taking!


Oh how I missed Cherating! Masha – Allah so beautiful! 


The view is literally breathtaking!


This is the place where I would like to chill!



This is Cherating!.

It is so quite and no one is there, and the beach is for your own.


People would say that Koh Samui, Phuket or Bali is nice, but from my point of view, I think in term of travelling time and budget travelling, Cherating is the best people. It is not that far from KL and the drive isn’t that difficult.


I hope this beach is preserved to the sake of the next generations, because this is so nice.

I know that Kuantan is now heavily industrialised, but please preserve this sanctuary. Do not disturb this.

I heard people were reviewing other beaches because it was too ‘touristy’ but Cherating is not.


My kids! Wafa and Umar playing on the beaches!


My two best thing- My family and my ‘own’ private beach!


Cherating is a special place for me! It has a special reminder of who I was and where I am now. This is because, I was  a student in Kulliyyah of Medicine ( Faculty of Medicine) in IIUM, Kuantan and my initial working life started in Hospital Kuantan as an Internal Medicine service medical officer.


silky sands!


There was a Club- Med, but then I haven’t been there. But then, for those of you who are rich, then Club Med may be the best next thing!

But then I am on a budget!


Wafa and Umar playing with sands!



That’s all. Just the beach and my wife and kids!


Wiki Cherating (Link)



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August 7, 2014 at 7:29 am

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