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Nagoya Castle

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I have not written  much yet since I got back from Japan.

I have loads, and loads of stuff to do and finally after the exam I am able to sit down, and jot down the things in Japan.

Yazid Yaakob is still there in Japan.

So things were relatively easy for me.

We went to Nagoya Castle. But the thing is it was under major construction. So that’s bummer for us!


Pic1 The Nagoya Castle.

If you like playing games, there was a Japanese hero, Nobunaga, that you may had encountered. I think he must be one of the most prominent Heroes in Japan.


Pic2 : Majestically redesign


The main old Castle, was destroyed by the Allied force, during The Second World War, so the Japanese government had taken initiative to rebuild the old castle. The Nagoya Castle is rebuilt on the Old Nagoya Castle. It was truly a sight!



Pic3 : A representation of what must be Nagoya at that time



Pic4: This was like a carrier at that time. Not too interesting though



Pic 5: An old book store ‘ rebuilt’ in Nagoya. It is really interesting that the Japanese culture had engulfed a traditional wealth of ideas and knowledge and they had acknowledge the idea of knowledge superiority.



Pic6 : The Samurai gear!

The Japanese also had perfected the art of Samurai, with plating and sword and all. I wont show you the swords and guns though. I am anti-war.



Pic7: Nobunaga!

This is representation of Nobunaga.

He is like the father of unification of Japan! Kalau org Melayu macam Tunku Abdur Rahman lah.

The history of unification of Japan is a conquest and militia.



Pic8: Me and Nobunaga!



Pic9: The reputable bonsai! The plant was trained to grew downwards!

Outside the Castle’s Garden there was a show on Bonsai.



Pic10 : Eating some squids!


Pic11: Nagoya Castle Entrance! Yazid, Nadiah, Wafa and Umar



Pic 12: Replicas of the Tael ‘Gold’

This was Nagoya Castle!


Travelling to Nagoya Castle was not that hard. Our Hotel was right in the middle of the Nagoya Station and we had used the train to get there.

It is a nice historical visit on Nagoya history and the unification of Japan.



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December 17, 2014 at 9:09 pm

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