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Kiasu (2014)

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I just finished watching “Kiasu”. The movie is great! (Link)


It is a really great movie that I can relate to. Very well.

It is about a dentist who is having a mid-life crisis, and at a cross road of what he wants and the dreams of his mother. That sound familiar hey!

DE MING a dentist, is working exactly as what was expected of him from his parents. He leads an unexciting life & routine work schedule that bores him tremendously. To add to his frustration, he is living with his overbearing divorced mum, Margaret, who constantly compares him with her friends’ successful children and is never satisfied with anything he does. One day, through a motivational workshop he was enlightened and discovers his forgotten – repressed childhood dream. He wants to be a theatrical actor! Motivated, DE MING decides to take the leap of faith! Acknowledging the prejudice & never ending complaints that he will receive from his mother, DE MING decides to do this in secret which sparks off a chain of comical events! DE MING’s life turns for the better when he meets an aspiring actress, Delia during an audition. However, the path to acting was not an easy one for a dentist. He goes through an emotional roller coaster ride trying to juggle between work, passion & rejections.

To all doctors who are in mid life crises and all!  try watching Kiasu.



We all will hit that cross-road the question is how long we are going to be there?

So many life lesson. I will make this part of my DVD collection

It’s not one of those cheesy medical drama’s


A Dentist who hates his job, decides to break away from his Kiasu environment and pursue his repressed childhood dream.

” DEFY the NORM or LIVE with REGRET ? ”

有什麼事情讓你會想跳出來 任性一次,還是遺憾一世~!

Cinema Release :
Taiwan / 台灣 3月 21日 上映
Malaysia / 馬來西亞 6月 5日 上映

Presented by : SKY Films, MM2 Entertainment & OMG Films.

Directed & Written by : Law Gwo Yunn ( 导演 : 劉幗韻 )
Cast : Zhu Mi Mi, Bu Xue Liang, Xiu Jie Kai, Henry Thia, Dou Hua Mei, Bob Cheung & Issac Dang

新马台演员: 修杰楷, 程旭辉, “豆花妹” 蔡黄汝, 朱咪咪 , 卜学亮, 張彥博, 邓养天

For more info on Kiasu the Movie :



Written by M Khairul Z

January 20, 2015 at 7:16 pm

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  1. Hello there! Stumbled into your review.
    We are very glad that you enjoyed the Movie!
    We are having another Special Screening of KIASU at THE BEE, PUBLIKA this 29th April.
    Do share it with friends who has not watched it! TQ!


    April 12, 2015 at 5:57 pm

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