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Chronic lymphocytic leukamia

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Chemotheraohy for CLL-

1, Weight loss >10%
2. Extreme fatigue
3. Fever related to leukaemia
4. Night sweats
5. Progressinve marrow failure/
6. Autoimmune anemia, thrombocytopenia not responding to prednisolone
7. mqssive lymphadenoapthy/
8. Progressivel ymphocytosis


Rituximab + Fuldarabine
Cholorambucil- poor status


Methotrexate toxicity- give calcium folinate- Hepatic fibrosis is rare. But happens

Low dose dopamine

In conclusion, even though low-dose dopamine may facilitate urine output and natriuresis, the overall benefit of this effect in renal protection (prevention of a rise in the serum creatinine) is not established. Furthermore, there is no conclusive evidence to support using dopamine for the treatment or stabilization of acute renal failure. Moreover, even low-dose dopamine use can be associated with serious side effects. Therefore, based on the data presented here, we believe that it is a myth to consider low-dose dopamine use as a therapeutic option in the prevention or treatment of acute renal failure.


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September 26, 2015 at 12:05 pm

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