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Armour of Nusantara

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I always thought that the Nusantara people do not have any armour. Well, you know because the say, we have this inherited knowledge of ‘ ilmu kebal’ whatever that means.

But I was wrong, I found this piece in the British Museum in London, of the armoury of the people of Nusantara. I am not sure whether this belongs to the royalties or to the people or the army.



But just see the design of the Armour of the People of Nusantara. The intrinsic of the designs, bunga kerawang, and ‘perhisasan’ of the armoury. And look closely at the keris and perhiasan of the sarung keris.

I think this is the Baju Kebal rather than Ilmu Kebal. Hehe.


The above, hey above is the Astro lab. Not ASTRO the sattelite channel. This device was created in the year, 13 th AD. 20160530_135454

Again this is another weird stuff. The Above picture was made to divine the future?.

I guess the museum curator should have put is into another logical term instead of divine the future. They should put it as, a probability instrument or, predictor of success in business by using probability. Something of a modern term.

This device needed stylus, you see there, stylus. This is like the computer at that time. So yeah!


This was design in the year 1241. Charles Babbage born in the year, 1791. This device which was created was in the year, 1241. Take that, computer freaks.



This piece I found at the VnA Museum. It shows the intricacies of  the design during the Persian era.







Written by M Khairul Z

June 10, 2016 at 6:55 am

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