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Cybersecurity healthcare issue in Malaysia

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Disclaimer; these are my personal note.

Is there a study on medical data security in Malaysia?

Is there any eventful breach of security in Malaysia?

What is the trend of data breach in Malaysia?

What are  WhatsApp, Telegrams and SMSs  role in healthcare in Malaysia?

What are the role of cyber security in healthcare industry in Malaysia?


I found this article

  1. Cyber crooks target healthcare 
  2. Spearheading cyber security
    Many local SMEs also outsource their data and information to third-parties to aggregate, store and process. Such sensitive data is not only about customers and their profile but also includes information about business structure, financial health, strategy, and exposure to risk.
  3. Cybersecurity threat beyong banking and financial services

    “According to Trend Micro, the problem of cyber security vulnerabilities within the healthcare sector are pervasive, impacting health care providers of all sizes and types. During 2015 alone more than 120 million health care records were breached globally, a number that is going nowhere but up.”

  4. Awareness of Cyber security still lacking
    With 80 % of organisations using currently using or considering using mobile tablets and 61% using or considering the use of cloud computing services within the next year, the threat of security breaches has become an after thought in the rush of to adapat to the rapidly changing landscsape
  5.  Are health hackers the new cyber security threat ?
    World Economic Forum meeting.


So the question is? How secure is our IT network.



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July 5, 2016 at 10:07 am

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