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Notes Ethical Issues in Transplant

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  1. Donor organ may become available from a cadaver or from a living donor. In general, transplants from a living donor function better and for longer.
  2. Living organ donation is always non conditional. i.e A person will donate a kidney giving that a certain condition is fulfill- <- this is unethical
  3. Careful screening of the living donor may reveal certain underlying condition ( the perioperative risk for a patient who has COPD, donor who is hypertension with a risk of getting end stage renal kidney )
  4. The work up of living donor, may revealed certain disease – HIV, Hep B
  5. The Blood group and HLA compatible transplant sometimes will need a higher degree of immunosuppresion.
  6. Post transplant – will need to have proper follow up, compliant to medications, and clinic appointments.

Human Tissue Act 2004

  • regulates human tissue processes- acquiring, keeping, recording, storing
  • Consent- is the fundamental principle
  • Provide a Regulator Authority
  • Any commercial tissue processes in unethical and prohibited
  • Before organ donation – the done must be interview by someone who is familiar with transplant Human Tissue Act



2. The Pocketbook for PACES – Rupa Bessant


  1. Malaysia Society of Transplant –
  2. Malaysia Transplant Policy –
  3.  Malaysian Medical Council for Organ Transplantation
  4. <-

Pemindahan bahagian badan bagi maksud terapeutik
2. (1) Jika mana-mana orang, sama ada secara bertulis pada bila bila masa atau secara lisan di hadapan dua orang saksi atau lebih dalam masa dia sakit akhir sekali, telah menyatakan suatu permintaan bahawa badannya atau mana-mana bahagian yang tertentu daripada badannya digunakan selepas kematiannya bagi maksud terapeutik, atau bagi maksud pendidikan atau penyelidikan perubatan, orang yang memiliki badannya dengan sah di sisi undang-undang selepas kematiannya itu boleh, melainkan jika dia mempunyai sebab bagi mempercayai bahawa permintaan itu telah ditarik balik kemudiannya, membenarkan dipindahkan daripada badan itu mana-mana
bahagiannya atau, mengikut mana-mana yang berkenaan, bahagian yang tertentu itu, untuk digunakan mengikut permintaan itu









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June 12, 2017 at 9:57 am

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