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Syringomyelia Thoracic Subarachonid Shunt

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Syringomyelia basically is the enlargement of the central canal which exerts some pressure effect on the spinal cord.

By anatomical distribution of the sensory pathway, it affects the lateral spinothalamic pathway in which in the 1st order of neuron (which is in the ipsilateral side before decussating in the to contralateral side) Рor the term ascending contralaterallyРis affected. The dorsal column is not affected  because they exoit 1 or 2 level higher, at the spine level- or the term, ascending ipsilaterally.


This 2 phenomenon, produces a distinct clinical syndrome, which is the dissociative sensory loss. 

subacute degenegeration spinal cord

is the degeneration the posterior dorsal column causes damage to the propioception and vibration, point discrimation.



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June 5, 2018 at 4:43 am

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