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British Malaya ; Cerita Badang.

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Di dalam karangan Sir Frank Swettenham, British Malaya ada terselit mengenai ciri-ciri Kota Melaka sekitar tahun 1905, iaitu sebelum kedatangan bangsa Eropah.

The city of Malacca is the richest trading port and possesses the most valuable merchandise and the most numerous shipping and extensive traffic that is known in all the world. And it has got such a quantity of gold that the great merchants do not estimate their property nor reckon otherwise tn by bahars of gold ( one bahar equal to 400 pounds average)

There are merchants among them

They are very well made men and likewise the women. They are of a brown colour and go bare from the waist upwards and from that downwards cover themselves with silk and cotton cloth, and they wear short jackets half way down the thigh..

and carry daggers in their waist wrought with rich inlaid work; these they called querix (keris).

And the women dress in wraps of silk stuffs, and short skirts much adorned with gold and jewellery, and have long beautiful hair.

These people have many mosques, and when they die they bury their bodies. Their children inherit from them.

They lived in large houses an have gardens and orchards and pools of water outside their city their recreation.

They got many slaves..

These Moors who are named Malays are very polished people, and gentlemen, musical, gallant and well proportioned


british malaya

Reference; Sir Frank Sweetenham. British Malaya, An account of the origin and progress of British influence. London, John Lane, The Bodley Head, New York: Jane Lane Company MDCCC VII, 1906 p.178.\

You can download and have a read of the book about the experiments the British did with the rest of the Tanah Melayu, and observing the changes of the, and the gradual system of administration of Tanah Melayu.

british malaya melaka river

british malaya malay village

Malay Village in Keppel Harbour, Singapore.

british malaya kapl.jpg

british malaya cerita bandang

Cerita Badang.


british malaya pantun

british malaya peribahasa

british malaya rumah ns

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