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Housemanship Life

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Housemanship life gets you crazy !

Here are some of the articles I wrote during my two years housemanship in Hosp Serdang. These are only personal experience and observations. No intentions to hurt anyone.

General Housemanship work
1. Another four months of housemanship
2. Bad Apples from JimCyber Doc
3. How fuel price affected Nadiah and me ( we didnt get our salary yet that time)
4. Choose medicine, choose not to live
5. Psychiatric diseases of housemanship
6. Nadiah, my wife – written during our initial posting as housemens.
7. What does it take to become a good housemen?

8. Anxiety(anxious) when changing postings.
9. Same hospital, different world
10. Sarcastic remarks that made my day
11.Just finished 1 year of Housemanship

Obstetric and Gyanecology

1. The biggest fibroid I have ever seen
2. Sleepless nights

Internal Medicine
1. Bone breaking symptoms and cost ( kaching??) of Dengue Fever

Emergency Department
1. Baby, baby, baby oh..
2. Medically unexplained symptoms on a hectic emergency day
3. Satay my foot

1. Forensic ends

1. Working in NICU

1. In Orthopaedics – free yeah!

101 Choosing where to do housemanship?

These are some compilations of events in my life.


1. The housemanship equations – 15.4.2012
2. On quitting housemanship – 27.10.2012


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January 29, 2011 at 9:39 pm

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  1. Dr Khairul, wud you mind giving me your email address?


    September 25, 2012 at 10:13 pm

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