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Medical student in Kuantan!

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These are some of the things I wrote during my medical student days, just to compile it, so that, I can read it loud, whenever I want to. Nothing personal just me and my blog.


1. 1st day in IIUM Kulliyyah of Medicine and telling my life is Sekolah Alam Shah
2.  The last day of college years in IIUM
3. Are you out of your mind? – I submitted my case write up for OnG and this was what I got
4. Crying medical student- 41 more days to end my medical  student days
5. Hopes and expectation. muse me.
6. Taking over the world
7. Tough love in OnG 25 May 2005
8. of my fears
9. Peadiatrics in 5th year
10. Matisyahu and Siti Nurhaliza
11. The missing head- or headlines!
12. Modernity, minimalistic and islamic!  
13.  Prof Kamal Hassan on motivations
14. Distinction in psychiatry
15. Rehabilitation postings in UMMC
16. Star Wars and master Jedi!
17. Listening to the song
18. Perils of a doctor!

These are just some. I need to dig till the year 2004, or maybe I should just published it !






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November 14, 2011 at 12:05 pm

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